Seed Paper sheets

Seed Paper Original Flower Mix: Standard 17 color book is now available

Seed Paper Color Sample book(SP-OMCS)

We chose the 17 most popular colors and created a sample book. Feel the texture and enjoy the natural colors. Recommended for art directors and designers.


SP-OMCS 500 yen

*Shipping overseas is not included.

Seed Paper Original Flower Mix


Original Flower Mix paper contains 13 flower seed varieties.


Five Spot     Nemophila maculata

Candytuft     Iberis umbellate

Baby Blue Eyes     Nemophila menziesii 

Sibelian Wallflower      Cheiranthus allionii 

Scarlet Flax Linum grandiflorum

Sweet William Pinks     Dianthus barbatus

Zinnia     Zinnia elegans

Corn Poppy      Papaver rhoeas 

Spurred Snapdragon linaria maroccana

Catchfly   silene armeria

English Daisy   bellis Perennis

Black eyed susan rudbekia hirta

Forget-me-not    myosotis sylvatica


Size: approx. 216mm x 280mm
10 sheets/set  2,500 yen + tax

*Shipping overseas is not included.

The colors and thickness of seed paper may vary slightly because they are handmade.
Original Mix paper can not be printed by home inkjet printers.

Try these 8 color sets first: Natural and Vivid.

Vivid Colors


Bright and vivid colors:

Pink / Cranberry / Yellow / Orange / White / Lime / Light blue / Forest green

Size: approx. 216mm x 280mm

SP-HM-08V 2,000 yen

*Currently out of stock

*Shipping overseas is not included.

Natural Colors


Natural and organic colors:

Natural / Chartreuse / White / Terra Cotta / Powder / Coffee / Desert Orange / Sage

Size: approx. 216mm x 280mm

SP-HM-08N 2,000 yen
*Shipping overseas is not included.

Seed Paper Color Variations

Check stock before placing your order.

Select your favorite color(s) from down below and ask us for a quote for shipping overseas.

A handling fee of phytochemical cert. will be added to your shipping cost.

For volume orders, delivery will take approximately four weeks. Thank you.

Ask us for a quote

Original Flower Mix WHITE

White 10 sheets
SP-HM-WH  2,500 yen

Forest Green 10 sheets
SP-HM-FG 2,500 yen

*currently, out of stock

Sage 10 sheets
SP-HM-SG 2,500 yen

Chartreuse 10 sheets
SP-HM-CH 2,500 yen

Lime 10 sheets
SP-HM-LM 2,500 yen

Powder 10 sheets
SP-HM-PD 2,500 yen

Pink 10 sheets
SP-HM-PK 2,500 yen

Cranberry 10 sheets
SP-HM-CR 2,500 yen

Terra Cotta 10 sheets
SP-HM-TR 2,500 yen

Coffee 10 sheets
SP-HM-CF 2,500 yen

Yellow 10 sheets
SP-HM-YL 2,500 yen

Natural 10 sheets
SP-HM-NL 2,500 yen

Lemon Yellow 10 sheets
SP-HM-LY 2,500 yen

Orange 10 sheets
SP-HM-OR 2,500 yen

Desert Orange 10 sheets
SP-HM-DE 2,500 yen

Light Blue 10 sheets
SP-HM-LB 2,500 yen

Teal 10 sheets
SP-HM-TL 2,500 yen

*currently, out of stock

Royal 10 sheets
SP-HM-RY 2,500 yen

*currently, out of stock

Violet 10 sheets
SP-HM-VL 2,500 yen

*currently, out of stock

Lavender 10 sheets
SP-HM-LV 2,500 yen

Burgandy 10 sheets
SP-HM-BG 2,500 yen

*currently, out of stock

Seed Paper "Signature" Inkjet Printable

Signature White


Inkjet and lettrepress printable "Signature" paper contains 6 different varieties of flower seeds. This seed mix features smaller seeds for a smoother surface. It also grows well in most regions.

Catchfly     silene armeria

English Daisy bellis Perennis

Sweet Alyssum     loblaria maritime 

Spurred Snapdragon     linaria maroccana 

Corn Poppy     papaver rhoes

Black Eyed Susan  rudbeckia hirta



Size: Approx. 336 x 456 mm

10 sheets/set  6,000 yen  *currently, out of stock


*Paper color and thickness may vary slightly because they are hand made.

*Delivery for a volume order will take about 4 weeks.

Please ask us for a quote.

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